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24 DVD Board Game

24 DVD Board Game
24 DVD Board Game

DVD Boardgame from the Hit TV show 24.

The Hit TV show is now an explosive DVD game. Fox's breakout hit 24 is now an explosive new game that puts you in the middle of the action! Be the first to identify and neutralize an emminent threat to national security before the 24 hours are up and win!
- Multiple action-packed storylines
- On-screen games and challenges test your knowledge and skills
- Travel to field locations around Los Angeles
- Continous onscreen action via the DVD
- Virtual 24-hour timer counts down to the terrorist attack that you're trying to prevent
- Includes interactive DVD-ROM featuares
2 or more players ages Teen to adult - Due to some graphic content, player discretion is advised.
Requires a DVD player and TV.
1 Interactive DVD
1 Game board
Instruction sheet
16 location cards
60 Clue cards
4 Agent Movers
1 Sheet of Agent Mover labels
1 in stock
BrandPressman Toy
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