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Catalog > Skylee Lovable Interactive Dragon (Green)

Skylee Lovable Interactive Dragon (Green)

Skylee Lovable Interactive Dragon (Green)
Skylee Lovable Interactive Dragon (Green)

Skylee, a Lovable and Enchanting Dragon Skylee the dragon will enchant children everywhere with her magical abilities and fun new games! Children love chatting and playing with Skylee and her adorable dragon Bebe!! Each Skylee comes with a surprise Bebe - a cuddly baby dragon that interacts with its mother and can even unlock songs, dances, and games! What color will your Skylee Bebe be? Skylee loves to interact with kids! Watch as Skylee flaps her dragon wings in response to a child's touch or chats the day away with her special human friends!

Skylee is very outgoing and loves to talk or play games whenever she can! You can play games with Skylee and her Bebe for even more fun. Try Skylee's new games including Follow Me, Lean with Bebe, and Dragons Know - a game in which Skylee predicts the future! Skylee also loves playing with her special friends - Penbo & Penbino! Put Skylee together with another Skylee, Penbo, or Penbino and watch them sing and dance the day away! Skylee loves spending time with all her friends!

Product Dimensions: 13" x 12" x 7" Ages 4+ Includes: Skylee, Bebe, Bebe eggshell

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