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Let the LeapFrog Crammer Study and Sound System help your students stay on top of new material while they listen to their favorite tunes. Designed to help kids aged eight to 14 prepare for quizzes, tests, and important presentations, the slim, digital Crammer makes it easy to bring tons of flash cards and practice questions wherever they go.The only pocket-sized test-prep system with a fully functional digital music player

Compact player lets you study for tests erever you go. View larger.

Online Study Edge interface lets you download math, social studies, science quizzes, and more. View larger.

Prep for All Kinds of Tests
Connect the Crammer to your PC or your Mac using the included USB cable and download the Leapfrog Connect Application to get started. This lets you get started right away with preexisting flash cards and practice questions, or create your own questions and flash cards, organize them into sets, and load them onto the handheld unit to take everywhere you go.

This means that you learn while you're creating each unique study guide, and you can brush up on facts in the car, on the bus, or during your free time at school. Since the Crammer keeps all your flashcards in one digital archive, you won't have to worry about losing them or carrying around thick stacks of cards for several classes.

The Crammer's main screen is easy to navigate with icons representing eight categories: flash cards, quizzes, music, games, volume, stats, settings, and about the unit. The cool click screen lets students make selections by tapping the edges of the screen or pressing the bar on the top of the unit, which also contains a back button and a shortcut to the main screen. In flash card mode, pressing right or left flips the cards, and pressing enter shows the other side of a card so you can check your answers quickly.

In addition to functioning as a study aid, the Crammer works as an MP3 player. This means it's easy to mellow before an exam and celebrate with your favorite music when it's over.

Stay Connected with Online Resources
Don't have the time to create a truly customized set of flashcards every week? Re you interested in learning that extends beyond what you're doing in class right now? The online Study Edge interface lets you download math, social studies, and science quizzes designed to cover general topics for grades three to eight. You can pick topics like American history, geography, chemistry, and algebra.

For grades three and four, there's also pre-made sets of flashcards that target language arts skills, like spelling and basic math operations. This online resource seems to be expanding, so you can expect to find even more great tools here in the future.

Every time the Crammer is connected to your computer, data is transferred to the Learning Path online. Parents can use this resource to see details like which skill areas a child has downloaded quizzes for and how much time he or she is spending on each subject. Of course any study tool is only useful if students actually use it, and these Learning Path tools encourage parents to facilitate conversations about school work and help them study for their toughest subjects.

Our only real concern regarding this useful study tool is how well the unit will hold up to rough use. Its compact size and solid plastic body seem quite durable, but if you keep it in your gym bag with your cleats instead of in an empty pocket in your backpack, you might run into trouble. Luckily you can also purchase a soft case designed especially for protecting the Crammer, or a range of custom face plates that identify it as your own. The Crammer runs on three AA batteries (not included).

What's in the Box
Crammer, USB cable, earphones, and instruction booklet.


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