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Quick, Strategic, and Addictive

CirKis is designed for two to four players. The bigger the group, the more intense and competitive the game becomes -- much like Chinese Checkers. It is played on a circular board, which is engraved with a fractal pattern of shapes. Each player chooses one of four colors (purple, yellow, red or green) and takes turns placing their pieces on the board. The board features a ridged texture, so pieces snap easily into place when situated properly.

The game's rules are straightforward: the youngest player begins by placing one of his or her pieces inside the center ring/star. The next player is then free to place a new piece on the board -- just as long as it directly touches the last piece played. Pieces can make edge-to-edge contact with one another, or can simply touch point to point. As more and more pieces are placed, the board becomes a stunning kaleidoscope of different colors. Unfortunately, CirKis only comes with the 20 necessary pieces for play and no replacement pieces, so care should be taken not to lose any of the pieces.

Scoring occurs when certain parts of the board are captured by a player's pieces. Scattered across the board are ten circle areas and six star areas. Any time one of these shapes is completely filled in by pieces, points are awarded. The first player to reach 40 points wins. As the board becomes increasingly crowded, the game becomes a mad-dash for these special point-awarding "territories." Games are brisk and fast-paced, and typically take a little more than 15 minutes to resolve.

Easy to Learn, Tough to Master

Although CirKis is easy to learn, the game can involve a surprising depth of strategy. Winning against skilled players will require serious spatial reasoning and cunning tactics. As you gain experience playing the game, you will come up with your own unique strategies.

The game plays out like a colorful game of chess. There are nine different types of pieces, each with their own unique strategic purpose. "Big Slice" pieces, for instance, can be used to secure circle areas on the board, thus ensuring you ten points. As you play more, you will learn how to use these, and other, pieces to defend hot spots on the board or encircle your opponents. Just plan ahead, and you'll be racking up points in no time.

What's in the Box

Dimensional plastic gameboard, four sets of colorful playing pieces, four scoring pegs, and illustrated instructions.

For ages 8+ years



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