Fisher Price Imaginext Serpent Pirate Ship

Fisher Price Imaginext Serpent Pirate Ship-kids toys, toys, boy toys, toddler toys, imaginext, fisher price Fisher Price Imaginext Serpent Pirate Ship-kids toys, toys, boy toys, toddler toys, imaginext, fisher price
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Brightly Colored, Durable Ship for High-Seas Adventures

The Serpent Pirate Ship is brightly colored in purple and gold and made of durable plastic that's designed to last through all of your youngster's swash-buckling high-sea adventures. It comes with two Imaginext-style pirate figures, each with a detailed mask and body-armor, a sword, and a staff. The play-action figures feature rotating arms and hands that can grasp the various weapons. Your kids will have a blast outfitting these bandits with the included spears, firing the special detachable cannon, and capturing the treasure chest filled with valuable pirate's booty.

Hands-on Fun Controls the Action

This sailing serpent is designed to come to life when your youngster wants it to. Fit one of the figures on one of the three designated platforms and simply turn them left and right to control the action. To shoot the cannons, place a figure on the main deck and turn the stand to watch the cannons fire away. Fit a figure on top of the mast platform to pop open the mast, and open the gills at the rear of the ship to reveal a removable treasure chest and coins. And when you roll the ship along the floor, the orange tentacles on both sides of the ship move up and down in a paddling motion. The options for adventure and action are practically unlimited.

Bring Your Child's Imagination to Life

The Serpent Pirate Ship is a fun and durable interactive toy that will help grow your child's imagination. Younger kids will be delighted by the ship's bright colors, numerous compartments, and fun character figures. Older children will love the moving parts and projectiles.

The many features on this ship give your junior first mate full control so that he or she can make the mast come to life, and let the cannons loose to chase away enemy pirate ships. One unfortunate downside is that the boat is not designed for the tub or the pool and will sink as quickly as you put it in water.

What's in the Box

Ship, two figures with removable masks and armor, three projectiles, two coins, a treasure chest, and a removable cannon launcher.

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